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Historical documents

95 Commonwealth Government to Cranborne

Cablegram 73 CANBERRA, 24 March 1944


Your telegrams D.265 [1] and D.266. [2]

1. We assume declaration is proposed for political warfare
purposes and would be glad if we could be informed more fully of
reasons for making a declaration. Timing would be important and we
are not aware of circumstances which would make early declaration
appropriate. 2. Last paragraph of D.265, however, suggests that
draft declaration might also have purpose of sounding United
States attitude to future of Siam. Any indications received would
interest US.

3. In regard to content of declaration, Australian Government is
in general accord with policy of re-establishing Siam as a free
and independent State. Considering, however, our direct and vital
interest in the post-war settlement in South-East Asia, especially
in provisions for security, we feel it should always be in mind in
any dealings concerning Siam, that there should be no commitments
regarding Siam's independent statehood which would hinder or
preclude satisfactory arrangements to ensure strategic
requirements of security in this region. We are also concerned
that independence should not be interpreted to the prejudice of
arrangements for collaboration in development and welfare.

4. We would hope that at the international conference contemplated
in Article 34 of Australia - New Zealand Agreement [3] opportunity
would be taken to exchange information and views on position of
Siam as part of a general Pacific settlement.

1 Document 53.

2 Document 54.

3 Document 26.

[AA:A1067, P146/2/13/1]
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