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Historical documents

76 Prime Minister's Department to Bruce

Cablegram 37 CANBERRA, 14 March 1944


Your telegram No. 38[A]. [1] in the circumstances answer which you
should give orally to Dulanty [2] is that the Australian
Government cannot see its way clear to intervene at Mr. de
Valera's [3] request because it would give us great gratification
if Eire not only removed the German and Japanese representatives
but actually declared a state of war with both those countries.

Having regard to the need for great care in the drafting of any
written rejoinder we think it desirable that the United Kingdom
and the United States, who are now aware of the approach to
Australia and the form in which the approach has been made, should
be orally informed by you of the reply which we have given.

1 Document 73.

2 Irish High Commissioner.

3 Irish Prime Minister.

[AA:M100, MARCH 1944]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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