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Historical documents

46 Glasgow to Evatt

Cablegram 34 OTTAWA, 12 February 1944, 1.30 p.m.


For Evatt from Glasgow.

Your telegram 31. [1] Mutual Aid General Agreement.

Canadians have now agreed to amend article 10 by substituting for
the words 'the expansion of International commerce by the
reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers' the words 'the
expansion of commerce through appropriate international agreements
on commercial policy'. The agreements, including the article in
this amended form, were signed in Ottawa yesterday with the United
Kingdom and Soviet Governments. I understand that Davis has been
instructed to inform you of the above, and also of two minor
amendments to articles 9(c) and II. [2]

I feel that elimination of reference to tariffs and trade barriers
is most satisfactory from our point of view and would strongly
recommend that we now meet [Canadian] [3] desire for early
signature of agreement. [4]

1 Document 43.

2 For the Canadian Govt's instructions to Davis see Dr Norman A.

Robertson's (Canadian Under-Secretary of State for External
Affairs) letter to Glasgow of 11 February and Davis's letter to
Evatt of 15 February. For the amendments to articles 9(c) and 11
see Davis's letter to Hodgson of 16 February. On file AA: A989,
43/125/5/6/1, ii.

3 The word in square brackets has been corrected from the Ottawa
copy on file AA: A3095, 47/15A, iv.

4 On 22 February Full Cabinet considered Evatt's submission on
Canadian Mutual Aid (dated 18 February) and approved that the
Australian-Canadian Agreement (Document 68) be signed. See agendum
621 in AA: A2700, vol. 9, ii.

[AA:A989, 43/125/5/6/1, ii]
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