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38 Bruce to Curtin

Cablegram 18A LONDON, 1 February 1944, 6 p.m.


(Addressed to the Prime Minister, Mr. Curtin.)
My telegram 11A of January 20th. [1]

There has been a further hold up in the despatch to you of the
telegram giving the outline of what is described as the 'Overall'
plans for the defeat of Japan (my telegram 246[A] of December 24th

The reason is that the Prime Minister has now formulated certain
ideas for the modification of the strategic conception that was
agreed at Sextant. [3] These ideas the Chiefs of Staff here are
not in agreement with, and they are endeavouring to persuade the
Prime Minister to abandon them and to dissuade him from his
intention of re-opening with the President the broad strategic
concept agreed at Cairo. This matter is at the moment entirely one
between the Prime Minister, as Minister for Defence, and the
Chiefs of Staff and the facts I have given you above are not known
even to the members of the War Cabinet. I must therefore ask you
to treat this communication as being for your personal information

I am hopeful that the position will be straightened out in the
course of the next few days and that the contemplated telegram
will be despatched to you. If it is not, it will be a matter for
consideration whether you should not cable asking for fuller
information than you have yet received of the decisions reached at
Sextant and of the present position as to giving effect to the
broad strategic conception there agreed.


1 On file AA: M100, January 1944.

2 Documents on Australian Foreign Policy 1937-49, vol. VI,
Document 356.

3 Code name for the November-December 1943 Cairo Conference.

[AA:A5954, BOX 576]
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