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Historical documents

323 Fraser to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 188 WELLINGTON, 19 October 1944, 2.15 p.m.


Your 226 [1]-Surrender instrument for Germany
While we are in agreement with the views expressed in paragraphs
(1) and (2) of your message we have grave doubts as to the wisdom
of the proposals contained in paragraph (3). Whatever might be the
immediate advantages of resorting to a concept of British
Commonwealth of Nations as an international entity in the long run
any such action seems much more calculated to injure the
independent International position of the Dominions. [2]

We should, of course, be glad to discuss with your Ministers at
the forthcoming Conference whether there is any practical remedy
for the very unsatisfactory situation brought about by the
inflexible attitude of the Soviet and United States Governments on
this particular issue.

1 Document 320.

2 The file copy of the cablegram published as Document 320 was
annotated: 'Not sent to D.O.: See N.Z.'s 188 of 19/10/-'.

[AA:A989, 44/735/1013/2/2]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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