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296 Curtin to Churchill

Cablegram Johcu 85 CANBERRA, 21 September 1944


Thank you for your Winch Nos. 7 [1], 8 [2], 9 [3] and 10. [4] I am
most gratified to learn of the outstanding results achieved at the
discussions at Octagon. [5] The British Naval contribution, which
is to be made in the war against Japan, is indeed a splendid one.

This, together with the increased participation of British long-
range air forces and the share of the land forces in the programme
of military operations, is a convincing demonstration of the full
and effective part which the British Nations are to play in the
Pacific theatre. With the addition of this overwhelming strength
to that of the Americans, I look forward to the speedy achievement
against our Asiatic enemy of the same brilliant and decisive
successes as are being gained against Germany.

2. It is a source of deep satisfaction to us that a British Naval
component will be supplied to guard General MacArthur's left flank
and I am glad and grateful that it has been possible for you to
arrange accordingly.

3. The arrangements you made to keep General Lavarack [6] informed
of the decisions are much appreciated. I was not misled by the
ill-informed press references and I made this clear in an
announcement on 18th September. [7]

4. It will be a source of pleasure to you to learn that my War
Cabinet and the Advisory War Council who have been given the
substance of the broad picture are gratified at all that is

Heartiest congratulations and warmest regards.


1 Document 288.

2 Dispatched 18 September. On file AA:A5954, box 560.

3 Dispatched 18 September. On the file cited in note 2.

4 Dispatched 20 September. On the file cited in note 2.

5 Code name for the second Quebec Conference.

6 Head of the Australian Military Mission in the United States.

7 Curtin's statement appeared on 19 September in the Sydney
Morning Herald.

[AA:A5954, BOX 560]
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