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Historical documents

249 Commonwealth Government to High Commissioner's Office in London

Cablegram 8032 CANBERRA, 16 August 1944


Reference D.No. 1106 5th August. [1] Jewish refugees from Hungary.

1. We have received through the Australian Legation, Washington a
request [2] from the 'Emergency Committee to save the Jewish
People of Europe' to provide visas for jewish children in Hungary.

2. In view of the fact that no transportation has so far become
available for 300 refugee children from France whose admission to
Australia has already been authorised, it seems doubtful whether
any useful purpose would be served by authorising the admission of
Hungarian children at present. We have informed Washington
accordingly [3], and although the Dominions Office telegram under
reference does not anticipate any action on our part it is
suggested that you should acquaint them with our views on this

1 In AA:A3195, 1944, 1.28706/23.

2 Not located.

3 See cablegram, 1227 of 16 August to Legation in Washington. In
AA:A3196, 1944, O.22256.

[AA:A5954, Box 444]
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