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Historical documents

241 Cranborne to Commonwealth Government

circular Cablegram D1082 LONDON, 29 July 1944, 11.55 p.m.


My telegram D.No. 1080 of 28th July. [1]

Civil Aviation
1. In my telegram of 18th July D.No. 1036 [2] last paragraph I
mentioned the possibility of discussion between Lord Beaverbrook
and Mr. Berle at Washington. Lord Beaverbrook has now telegraphed
that Mr. Berle has informed him that he would like to discuss:-

(i) A bilateral agreement, and
(ii) The proposed international authority and whether it should be
given executive powers.

2. Lord Beaverbrook feels that it would be better for us not to
discuss these controversial issues with the United States while
the presidential election is pending. He proposes therefore, to
suggest to Mr. Berle that the best course would be that the United
States should invite all the United Nations to table plans for
international air routes which each would wish to operate after
the war. In this connection he would refer to the fact that the
United States Civil Aeronautics Board have already published
particulars of the routes in which the United States are
interested. [3] We assume that the intention is that the Board
will collate the plans when received in response to the present
proposal. The advantage of this suggestion would, in Lord
Beaverbrook's opinion, be that preparation of such plans and the
collation would avoid premature discussions while at the same time
registering progress in preparation for the proposed international

3. We will keep you informed of any developments at Washington
but, in the meantime, should be grateful for your very early
comments on the above. If this suggestion should materialise we
should regard the conference on the official level suggested in my
telegram D.No. 1080 as in the nature of joint preparation between
several Commonwealth Governments for the replies which they would
make to the United States Government.

1 Document 240.

2 On file AA:A5954, box 658.

3 See Document 240, note 2.

[AA:A989, 43/735/832/1, ii]
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