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Historical documents

230 Commonwealth Government to Melville

Cablegram [8] [1] CANBERRA, 20 July 1944


For Melville.

1. Your Financial 35. [2]

2. We do not agree that resolution is neutral. You should
therefore not take part in resolution nor sign the final act but
should indicate that you will submit the report of the Conference
to the Australian Government after which it will be submitted to
Parliament for consideration.

3. Re your 33. [3] Similar instructions apply to Reconstruction

1 The number in square brackets has been inserted from the Bretton
Woods copy on file AA:CP10/1, bundle 1, [file 1].

2 Document 229.

3 Dispatched 19 July. On the file cited in note 1. It advised that
the U.S. representatives were pressing for an expression of
Australian views on subscription to the bank.

[AA:A989, 44/735/56/10, i]
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