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Historical documents

176 Bruce to Curtin (in Washington)

Cablegram 9 [1] LONDON, 31 May 1944


Discussions with the Americans in regard to post-war Civil
Aviation. Evatt's telegram to you of 27th May No. 72 London
(repeated to Washington No. 789) [2] has not altered my view in
respect to the advice I ventured to tender to you that it is
desirable in view of the conversations that have already taken
place and are contemplated with other countries that we should
accept the American invitation for preliminary discussions [3] and
that they should be conducted by the Minister for Air with McVey
as his adviser. All the arguments advanced by Evatt could be
employed by Drakeford in an attempt to influence and modify the
American attitude and bring it more into line with Australia's

In my opinion the discussions would not be limited by the
suggested agenda which Winant sent you or by Berle's communication
to Dixon. [4] if any doubt exists on this point it could be
removed by making clear in the acceptance of the invitation that
we contemplated that the discussions should cover every aspect of
the question.


1 Sent through the Legation in Washington. Curtin and his Party
arrived in Montreal on 30 May and proceeded direct to Ottawa. They
departed Ottawa for Washington on 1 June. See cablegram 122 of 30
May in AA:A3195, 1944, 1.20410.

2 Document 165.

3 Document 130.

4 See note 2 to Document 165.

[AA:M100, MAY 1944]
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