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Historical documents

150 Curtin to Evatt

Cablegram 20 LONDON, 16 May 1944


For Minister for External Affairs from the Prime Minister.

Reference your No. 88. [1]

There has been no sacrifice by me of Australia's interests by
endorsing a procedure which deprives her of an effective voice in
anything concerning her interests.

2. As you will see from my separate cablegram to the Acting Prime
Minister on the post-war world settlement [2], I reserved our
views until the Government could be given an opportunity to
consider the matter and specially emphasised that the procedure
followed should permit of the results of the preliminary and
informal discussions at Washington being the subject of further
consultation between British Commonwealth Governments before any
declaration is published.


1 Document 143.

2 Document 148.

[AA:A5954, BOX 659]
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