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104 Department of External Affairs to Stirling

Cablegram 62 [1] CANBERRA, 30 March 1944


Moscow telegram No. 70 repeated to you as No. 25. [2]

Despite the interpretation of the Legation, the procedure as
outlined by Zorin [3] for the future presentation of requests for
exit permits may be based upon administrative convenience and, in
the Government's view, must be accepted on this basis until the
contrary is definitely proved in practice.

2. You should therefore communicate a solely objective account of
the Soviet Government's action to the Polish Government, adding
that in the view of the Australian Government the procedure
proposed should be accepted at its face value and applications for
exit permits made individually to the local authorities in future
as suggested. If in fact this leads to delays beyond that
experienced under the previous procedure or to a refusal of the
Soviet authorities to grant such permits the Australian Government
would be ready to re-open the whole question with the Soviet
Government. In case the Polish Government reacts unfavourably to
the proposal, it should be advised that it would be most unwise to
make any public statement or register a protest at this stage. The
position in such a case would, in the opinion of the

Australian Government, become impossible and it is imperative that
the new procedure be given a reasonable trial.

3. Please inform the United Kingdom Government of the contents of
telegram 70 and of our views as set out above.

1 Repeated to the Legation in Moscow as no. 67.

2 Document 92.

3 V. A. Zorin, Head, Fourth European Dept, Soviet Foreign

[AA:A989, 43-44/715/5/2/2]
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