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Historical documents

66 Curtin to Churchill

Cablegram Johcu 43 [1] CANBERRA, 29 October 1942


Thank you for the information contained in Winch 26. [2] We are
glad to be associated with the forces of the Empire and the United
Nations in what it is hoped will be a decisive blow to the enemy
in the Middle East.

2. It is of vital importance to us to get back the 9th Division as
soon as possible, in view of the situation in the South-West and
South Pacific Areas. In our plans and dispositions we are relying
on the Division being returned in good shape and strength. Mr
Bruce has been requested to ensure that the Commander-in-Chief,
Middle East, is fully aware of the position and the Government's
wishes, and he has asked the Chief of the General Staff to inform
the Commander-in-Chief accordingly. [3]

3. I would greatly appreciate your personal interest in ensuring
the fullest co-operation by all concerned in meeting the various
requests that have been made relating to the return of this
Division. [4]


1 Repeated to Bruce as no. 9941.

2 Dispatched 28 October. On file AA:A4763. It praised the role of
the 9th Division in the opening stages of 'what may be an event of
the first magnitude' (i.e. the Battle of El Alamein, in which
German forces were driven out of Egypt).

3 See Document 64 and note 4 thereto.

4 Churchill replied on 30 October (see cablegram Winch 27 on the
file cited above): 'I understand your wishes and assure you of my
personal interest in the question. Bruce will have informed you of
instructions sent to Alexander on 23rd October.'

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