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Historical documents

351 Bruce to Evatt

Cablegram N41 LONDON, 15 December 1943, 5 p.m.


Your N.6 of 14th December. [1]

I suggest that before I convey the message to van Kleffens [2]
contained in paragraph 2 of your telegram it would be desirable
that you should inform the United Kingdom Government either direct
or through me of the intention to hold the proposed conference.

I shall also be obliged if you will let me have further
information as to the nature and scope of the conference and what
countries it is proposed will be invited to be represented as I am
certain to be asked about these points. [3]


1 Document 349.

2 Netherlands Foreign Minister.

3 The External Affairs Dept drafted a reply from Evatt which
explained that, although the conference proposals were still
tentative, it was contemplated that the United Kingdom, the
Netherlands, Portugal, the French Committee of National Liberation
and New Zealand would be represented and requested Bruce to advise
van Kleffens and the U.K. Govt accordingly. This message was not
dispatched and instead, on 18 December (cablegram [N]7), Evatt
advised Bruce that he was likely to be furnished with information
on the conference during the following week; Evatt also urged
Bruce not to 'overlook the urgency of the question of van Mook'.

On 28 December (cablegram [N]8) Evatt sent Bruce the text of the
public statement he had issued the previous day on the Australia-
New Zealand conference. All documents cited are on file AA:A989,

[AA:A989, 43-44/600/5/1/5]
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