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Historical documents

34 Evatt to Bruce Cablegram SL55

CANBERRA, 1 September 1942


Please take up with Palace authorities immediately question of
exchange of Ministers with Russia. [1] It is desired King's
informal approval be obtained for Honourable William Slater
M.L.A., Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Victoria, [to be]
nominated as first Australian Minister. In this connection see
particulars for information of King in following telegram. [2]

2. On receipt of above approval, please arrange for immediate
despatch of following message to Molotov [3] through British
Ambassador and request necessity of most urgent despatch and


For Molotov from Evatt.

The Australian Government has nominated as Minister to Soviet a

very distinguished Australian, the Honourable William Slater
M.L.A. He is Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria and
he has been a member of the Assembly for many years. He is one of
the leaders of the Australian Labour Movement and has been long
associated with Trade Unionism. He has been actively associated
with voluntary bodies formed for the purpose of providing aid to
Russia and with a number of Russo-Australian cultural bodies.

The Government would be obliged if you could indicate your
agreement with nomination and simultaneously nominate your
Minister forthwith. The moment you do Mr. Slater will leave to
take up his appointment as we agree with you that delay in these
matters is unsatisfactory. Ends.

3. I may tell you matter is regarded as of pressing urgency.

advise moment reply is received from Russia. [4]

4. As regards remainder of formal procedure, course followed in
your appointment to Netherlands will be adopted.

1 This question was considered by Full Cabinet on 26 August and by
War Cabinet on 31 August. See AA:A2703, vol. IC, minute 324 and
AA:A2673, vol. 12, minute 2355.

2 See cablegram SL56 of 1 September on file AA:A981, Soviet Russia

3 Soviet Foreign Minister.

4 Bruce advised on 22 September that the Soviet Govt had approved
Slater's appointment and on 7 October that Andrei Petrovich
Vlasov, an officer of the Soviet Foreign Ministry and formerly an
academic and trade union official, had been appointed Soviet
Minister to Australia (see cablegrams S112 and S123 on the file
cited in note 2).

On 4 November Evatt announced that Slater's staff would consist of
F. K. Officer (Counsellor), Professor R. M. Crawford (First
Secretary), P. R. Heydon (Second Secretary), W. J. P. Duncan
(Attache), John Fisher (Press Attache), Irene Saxby (Archivist)
and Elizabeth Fisher (Clerical Officer); John Fisher and Miss
Saxby were already working in the Soviet Union as a journalist and
a teacher respectively (see press release of 4 November on file
AA:A981, Australia 197). Slater presented his credentials to
President Kalinin in Moscow on 13 January 1943 and the legation in
Kuybyshev (whither the diplomatic co Immunity had been evacuated
in October 1941) was opened on 17 January (see report of 23
December 1943 attached to dispatch KU46/43 of 22 December 1943 in
FA:A4231, Moscow, 1943). Vlasov presented his credentials to the
Governor-General in Canberra on 10 March 1943 (see file AA:A989,

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