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Historical documents

317 Evatt to Dixon

Cablegram 1314 CANBERRA, 28 October 1943


Reference your No. 1220. [1] Time is pressing. Instructions were
given after most careful consideration that the matter must be
pressed forward in Washington without any further delay. Your
telegram seems to suggest that our attitude is necessarily linked
up with a further United Kingdom-U.S.A. Agreement, but this is not
so, and unless we are very careful we shall be put in the most
invidious position of being left out in the cold after having
assisted in bringing about existing United Kingdom-United States

2. I am certain that Hull will strongly disapprove of any attempt
to delay or defeat our objective which, as he explained to me in
Washington, is an integral part of his policy. Please take most
energetic steps to see that this matter is accorded highest
priority and communication is sent to Hull by telegram for the
necessary directions if there is any hitch.

3. With reference to penultimate paragraph of your telegram under
reference [2], please see my telegram to London, repeated to you
in my immediately following telegram. [3]

1 Dispatched 22 October. On file AA:A989, 43/735/70/2. It reported
that the U.K. Govt was disinclined to negotiate a new bilateral
trade agreement with the United States and that only Cordell Hull
(who was then attending the Moscow Conference) could authorise the
resumption of negotiations on an agreement between the United
States and Australia.

2 This suggested that the question of the U.K. Govt's attitude to
trade negotiations should be taken up directly in London.

3 See Document 318, note 1.

[AA:A989, 43/735/70/2]
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