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Historical documents

281 Evatt to Stirling

Cablegram 224 CANBERRA, 18 September 1943

Please deliver following personal message from Minister to Eden


I would refer you to D.650 and D.651 [1] and our reply No. 244 of
16th September. [2] You are well aware of my views on the topic of
the Dominions, and I feel that unless the present practice is
closely watched a great deal of serious misunderstanding will be
created. Step by step the Dominions are being excluded and I
foresee trouble unless a halt is called to present tendency.

In some respects the position is not as satisfactory as it was
when Lloyd George was Prime Minister. This is a personal message
for you but I have already expressed similar views at British

I would like you to discuss question particularly with Amery and
Kingsley Wood who will I am confident prefer to regard the proper
unit and party the British Commonwealth rather than United Kingdom

Best wishes. Ends.


1 Documents 278-9.

2 Document 280.

[AA:M100, SEPTEMBER 1943]
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