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244 Evatt to Roosevelt

Letter WASHINGTON, 13 July 1943

Following our discussion of this morning I desire to send you this
personal and unofficial note.

Your recent decision to give to Australia-in addition to all other
previous commitments-organisation equipment for the purpose of
developing the Royal Australian Air Force [1] has already had a
most beneficial effect. Your exchange of messages with Mr. Curtin
shows this very clearly. [2] I had only been in Washington for a
few hours when I discovered that in the proposed allotments of
aircraft to implement your gift your decision was hardly being
interpreted or applied in the broad and generous spirit of your
special contribution. In particular your object was to give the
Royal Australian Air Force a greater striking power. In spite of
this, no provision has yet been made for a single heavy bomber
unit. I believe that the allotment for 1943, with the notable
exception of bombers, is in reasonable compliance with my request
and will be a valuable contribution. The allotment in other types
made for this year seems also satisfactory. But it is respectfully
requested that you direct that the remainder of the special
allotment be reviewed and that the appropriate authorities be
asked to consult the Royal Australian Air Force Representative in
Washington, Air Marshal R. Williams.

I am confident that if this is done necessary amendments and
improvements could be affected [sic] and your noble intention more
faithfully carried out. It is your personal supervision of your
contribution that seems to me to be so requisite.

I desire to thank you most sincerely, not only for your attitude
in this matter, but for your constant help to Australia during the
long period of crisis since Pearl Harbor.


1 See Document 210, note 3.

2 For Curtin's message see Document 222, note 6. Roosevelt's reply
of 22 June is in Franklin D. Roosevelt Library: Roosevelt Papers,
President's personal file 8459, Mr Curtin.

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