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Historical documents

223 Evatt to Hodgson

Cablegram E159 WASHINGTON, 12 June 1943, 5.03 a.m.


1. Please read the personal wire E.157 that has gone to the Prime
Minister from myself. [1] I think it is of vital importance to the
Government, the Prime Minister, and myself, that the Prime
Minister should issue an appropriately worded statement marking
the conclusion of my mission here and its complete success in
relation to the outstanding object of obtaining equipment for the
expansion of the R.A.A.F. Without repeating what I have said to
him, I can tell you that the strain has been almost unbearable,
that I have gone flat out for almost seven weeks. But the ultimate
success has been worth all of it, and, despite her illness, Mary
Alice has greatly helped through her many friendships here.

Without being able to tell you the exact time of leaving I hope to
be in London on Tuesday morning. Dixon arrives in San Francisco
tomorrow, Sunday, and for the purpose of consulting I have asked
him to come to New York, which is my point of departure.

2. It is a suitable time to thank you for your very great
assistance to me throughout the mission here. Your personal
messages and encouragement have been of the greatest possible
value. [2] I am deeply indebted.

3. I cannot be absolutely sure about the length of my stay in
London, which is largely dependent upon Churchill's plans. Mary
Alice will be going to a mountain resort for convalescence while I
am away. Burton is staying in Washington.

4. Please communicate with me in London as you have done in

5. Please let all our families know of our movements. Burton is
especially anxious to hear of his wife and children as they were
ill recently.

6. When you think it convenient you might discreetly let
Drakeford, Beasley, A. V. Smith, Henderson [3], Fadden, Billy
Hughes and Archie Cameron [4] know something of the fight I have
had and of its ultimate success. I am happy to know that-whatever
befalls us-something big has been done for Australia and the

1 Document 222.

2 See file AA:A4764, 6.

3 R. A. G. Henderson, General Manager of the Sydney Morning

4 M.H.R. for Barker and a prominent member of the Country Party.

[AA:A4764, 3]
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