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213 Attlee to Cross

Circular cablegram Z65 LONDON, 5 June 1943, 3.30 a.m.


The following summary of main conclusions approved by the Prime
Minister and the President in their discussions with Combined
Chiefs of Staff at Washington is for the most secret and personal
information of the Prime Minister:-

1. The over-all objective is to bring about at the earliest
possible date, in conjunction with Russian and other Allies, the
unconditional surrender of Axis powers. This will be achieved by
the following over-all strategical concept:-

(a) in co-operation with Russian and other Allies, to bring about
at the earliest possible date the unconditional surrender of the
Axis in Europe;

(b) simultaneously, in co-operation with other Pacific powers, to
maintain and extend unremitting pressure against Japan with the
purpose of continually reducing her military power and attaining
positions from which her ultimate surrender can be forced. The
effect of any such extension of overall objective to be given
consideration by Combined Chiefs of Staff before action is taken;

(c) upon defeat of Axis in Europe, in co-operation with other
Pacific powers, and, if possible, with Russia, to direct the full
resources of the United States and Great Britain to bring about at
the earliest possible date the unconditional surrender of Japan.

2. Whatever operations are decided on in support of over-all
strategical concept, the following established undertakings will
be a first charge against our resources subject to review by
Combined Chiefs of Staff in keeping with the changing situation:-

(a) maintain the security and war-making capacity of the Western
Hemisphere and British Isles;

(b) support the war-making capacity of our forces in all areas;

(c) maintain vital overseas lines of communication, with
particular emphasis on defeat of U-boat menace;

(d) intensify the air offensive against Axis powers in Europe;

(e) concentrate maximum resources in a selected area, as early as
practicable for the purpose of conducting a decisive invasion of
Axis citadel;

(f) undertake such measures as may be necessary and practicable to
aid the war effort of Russia;

(g) undertake such measures as may be necessary and practicable in
order to aid the war effort of China as an effective ally and as a
base for operations against Japan;

(h) to prepare the ground for active or passive participation of
Turkey in the war on the side of the Allies;

(i) to prepare the French forces in Africa to fulfil an active
role in the war against the Axis powers.

3. The following is a general description of operations agreed on
in execution of over-all strategical concept:-

(a) for the defeat of Axis powers in Europe:-

(i) to accomplish, by combined United States and British air
offensive, destruction and dislocation of the German military,
industrial and economic system and the subsequent undermining of
the morale of the German people;

(ii) to establish forces and equipment in the United Kingdom for
securing a lodgment on the Continent from which future offensive
operations can be carried out. Also to keep ready plans for an
emergency crossing of the Channel in the event of a German
collapse and for sending forces to Norway in the event of a German
evacuation becoming apparent;

(iii) to make available in the Mediterranean substantial forces
for such, operations as are best calculated to eliminate Italy
from the war and to contain the maximum number of German forces;

(iv) to plan the bombing of Ploesti.

(b) for the defeat of Japan:-

(i) in the Burma-China theatre:-

to concentrate available resources on building up and increasing
air route to China and developing air forces in Assam with a view
to intensifying air operations against the Japanese in Burma,
maintaining increased United States air forces in China and
maintaining a flow of airborne supplies to China. To advance after
1943 monsoon from Assam into Northern Burma in step with Chinese
advance. To attack certain points on the Burmese coast. To
interrupt Japanese sea communications into Burma. To prepare in
India for the eventual launching of a substantial oversea

(ii) in the Pacific:-

to undertake operations with the following objects:air operations
in and from China. Ejection of Japanese from the Aleutian Islands.

Seizure of the Marshall and Caroline Islands. Seizure of the
Solomons, Bismarck Archipelago and Japanese held New Guinea.

Intensification of operations against enemy lines of

Summary ends.

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