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Historical documents

178 Evatt to Churchill

Cablegram unnumbered [1] WASHINGTON, 6 May 1943


I thank you most sincerely for your message of welcome. [2] I am
concerned as to my movements. In order to see as much as possible
of your good self I had proposed to leave for England about 21st
instant in order to return to Australia after staying in London
about three weeks. Recent developments of which you know [3]
suggest necessity of modification to fit in with your plans.

I cannot sufficiently express my pleasure and eagerness at
prospects of renewal of friendship which greatly helped to save my
country from disaster. May I add this, it seems to me at this
difficult time that it would also greatly help Empire interests if
we were taken into more intimate collaboration, equally important
is open demonstration of such collaboration and solidarity. At the
proper time I would appreciate your help and suggestions.


1 Sent through the External Affairs Office, London.

2 See cablegram 22 of 1 May 1943 on file AA:M100, May 1943.

3 Churchill's visit to Washington.

[PRO:PREM 4/50/8]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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