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159 Evatt to Hodgson

Cablegram E11 WASHINGTON, 19 April 1943, 4.30 a.m.


As instructed I am concentrating on the objective of additional
squadrons for the R.A.A.F. [1] The opposition to this has come and
will come from several quarters but I am pursuing the lines that
should be fruitful. I have already told you that the President's
general approach was more sympathetic to the Pacific activities.

[2] I think the same remark applies to the United States Chiefs of
Staff with all of whom I have had lengthy conferences. While there
is some criticism of public statements from Australia the net
effect will be to the good.

The British Mission here is temporarily out of the picture owing
to severe illness of Dill. The President will not return to
Washington until late in the month. His present health seems

Any increase in Australian squadrons will require additional
allocations of aircraft and an absolute assurance to me from the
Prime Minister and MacArthur that the Australian organisation will
permit of manning squadrons if programme of expansion is accepted.

This assurance I propose to give at the right moment.

I do not wish to overstate the prospect of success because it is
tremendously difficult to revise decisions made and formerly [sic]
communicated by the President. It will take time to succeed
particularly as Churchill's endorsement is necessary and can
hardly be obtained before I see him. I am also taking up the
question of shipping in relation to the two extra divisions.


1 See Document 151.

2 See Document 156.

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