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Historical documents

157 Churchill to Curtin Circular cablegram D219 [1]

LONDON, 15 April 1943, 2.50 p.m.


Received 16 April 1943

The time has now come when we must devote serious thought to the
planning of the future world organisation both in the period
immediately following the cessation of hostilities and also for
the long term settlement. The lessons of 1918 when we were caught
unprepared by the end of the war show how necessary proper
planning is. This time let us make sure that we are ready both
with our Armistice terms when the enemy sues for peace and with
our long term plans.

In this planning it is essential that the British Commonwealth and
Empire should take its full share. Each of us has his own
contribution to make but only by working together in full co-
operation and agreement can we ensure that our proper influence
and collective strength are exerted.

Already as you know some progress has been made with the detailed
working out of plans for dealing with specific post-war problems,
more especially on the economic side. But all these plans
presuppose some general political organisation and we have
recently found our planning hampered by the absence of any clear
formulation of our combined policy in the post-war world.

I suggest therefore that at this stage it would be most valuable
if the five Prime Ministers could meet together to discuss these
problems and agree upon the part which the British Commonwealth
and Empire can and should take in organising world affairs. Apart
from the intrinsic value of such private discussions on the major
issues which we shall soon have to face I attach great importance
to demonstrating to the world our solidarity and strength.

I hope that you will find it possible to attend such a meeting
here. I can well understand that it is not easy for you to leave
your country for any prolonged absence but I very much hope that
by careful timing we may be able to arrange a date convenient to
all and not involving prolonged delay for any.

Please let me have your views as soon as possible. I should myself
like a meeting, in June or July but if it is impracticable then I
hope that August or early September could be arranged.

1 Sent through the U.K. Dominions Office.

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