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Historical documents

152 Dixon to Curtin

Cablegram S71 WASHINGTON, 6 April 1943, 6.33 p.m.


I have to-day received the following message from the President
for transmission to you.


Dear Mr. Curtin,

Your message informing me of Dr. Evatt's visit to Washington is
received [1] and I shall be very glad to see him again as soon as
he gets here. [2] It is regretted that an immediate necessity for
the provision of forces, aeroplanes and other military equipment
in other theatres of war, together with an acute shortage of
transportation facilities, makes it impossible to accomplish at
the present time any increase in troops or aeroplanes in addition
to those now allocated to the South-West Pacific. I suppose that
you have full information in regard to the latest increases. [3]
It is my opinion that, with the additional troops and planes now
en route from America to the South-West Pacific, it should be
possible, by a determined aggressive use of all available
Australian and American forces against the Japanese in those areas
which they now occupy in the South-West Pacific, to preclude any
serious attack on the continent of Australia. [4]

Franklin D. Roosevelt


1 See Document 148, note 1.

2 Evatt arrived in Washington on 10 April. His party included Mrs
Evatt, W. S. Robinson, Dr H. C. Coombs and Dr J. W. Burton.

3 See Document 147, note 2.

4 Curtin thanked Roosevelt for his message on 13 April, but
pointed out that: 'In regard to your reference to the security of
Australia, I would state that, whilst we are naturally concerned
that our country shall be maintained free of any serious attack, I
would like it to be clear that this was not the primary objective
of our representations. Our aim was, rather, that aircraft should
be made available in sufficient strength to enable the holding
strategy in the Pacific to be prosecuted in a manner that would
prevent the consolidation of the Japanese in their present
positions and inflict on them the greatest possible losses
preliminary to the ultimate assault for their final defeat.' See
cablegram SW8 on file AA:MP1217, box 474, visit abroad of Dr H. V.

Evatt . . . 1943.

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