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Historical documents

149 Evatt to Dixon

Cablegram 308 CANBERRA, 31 March 1943

Your S.55. [1] Colonial Policy.

Your interview with Hull noted with interest.

Apart from our specific colonial interests, the course of the war
in this theatre has demonstrated that the control or supervision
of control over neighbouring Territories will be vital to the
future security of Australia as well as to other Pacific
countries; and we must have a full say in the determination of
these questions. It seems to us that so far there is no clear
understanding on practical application of principles; therefore
any premature declaration on colonial policy may lead to
misunderstanding and embarrassment. For these reasons you might
inform Hull that our view is that it would be unwise to make any
declaration whatever at this stage: of course I propose to discuss
this question personally with you and him. [2]

1 Document 144.

2 This cablegram crossed one from Dixon transmitting a draft
'Declaration by the United Nations on National Independence'
prepared by Hull. On 5 April Evatt asked Dixon to inform
Halifax and Hull that he found the draft 'very encouraging', but
that he wished to suggest several amendments and hoped to discuss
the matter in Washington. See Dixon's cablegram S65 and Evatt's
cablegram 319 on file AA:A3300, 262.

[AA:A989, 43/735/1021]
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