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119 Churchill to Curtin

Cablegram Winch 1 LONDON, 12 February 1943, 11 p.m.

You will remember that last August when, through our High
Commissioner, I expressed the hope that it would be possible for
you to pay a visit to this country, you said that you felt that it
was not then practicable for you to leave Australia at least for a
few months. [1]I hope that the position has changed in this
respect and that you will now find it possible to pay a visit to
this country. You may be certain of a very warm welcome here. I
know very well the advantages for both sides which can only be
obtained by personal discussion and there is much that I could
discuss with you which cannot well be dealt with in telegrams.

I hope that even if you feel that you cannot come immediately, you
will at any rate regard yourself as having an open invitation so
that you may start as soon as circumstances permit.


1 See Cross's cablegram 1255 of 13 August 1942 in PRO:PREM 4/50/8.

Curtin had informed Cross that he did not wish to go to London
while Australia was under threat of direct attack and also because
of 'other factors of a domestic nature in relation to the

[FA:A3195, 1943, 1.7096]
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