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102 Dixon to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 56 WASHINGTON, 13 January 1943, 10 p.m.

Your 41 and 42 [1] and Prime Minister's Department No.5. [2] I
informed Halifax fully of your views and discussed the matter with
him. I think that in a great measure he is personally in sympathy
with your approach particularly with the view that the declaration
should be more definite, that it should not be defensive but
independent of present attacks on colonial system and that it
should be presented as part of a wider application of principle.

But he is less favourable to anything like re-establishing and
giving a wider operation to the mandatory system and he appears to
fear the consequences of vesting in any International Commission
positive authority enabling it to control, as distinguished from
such functions as advising, examining problems and general

He says that so far he has not placed before Hull any view as that
of the United Kingdom. He has merely put forward in personal
discussion the idea of some sort of declaration and obtained
Hull's general approval of the idea. In the meantime the comments
of other Dominions on the draft sent by Dominions Office [3] are
awaited and Halifax is sending some comments of his own upon it.

He says that he will inform me of developments.

I think the time has not come for me to see Hull. I would be
grateful if you would keep me advised of any further information
coming through High Commissioner from Dominions Office or
otherwise. I shall telegraph any developments here.


1 See Document 94, note 1.

2 See Document 97, note 1.

3 See Document 96.

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