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Historical documents

1 Evatt to Stirling

Cablegram 226 CANBERRA, 2 July 1942


Please have the following message transmitted to the British

Ambassador, Kuibyshev. [1] Begins:-

Would be glad if you would communicate personally following

message to M. Molotov [2] from me:-

While in London in May you will recall I discussed with you and

your Ambassador in London the completion of an agreement in

principle for the exchange of diplomatic representatives between

the Soviet and the Commonwealth. You will recall in this

connection that you expressed yourself as personally favourable to

the agreement but desired the matter to wait until you could

obtain approval from M. Stalin. In our view the time has now come

for the announcement of an agreement in principle for exchange of

ministers following the example of Canada leaving the question of

appointment etc. to be determined later. I hope you will treat

this as an earnest of our desire for continuance of present

cordial relationships between our countries. It is many months

since we first suggested exchange and further delay would be a

matter for regret. I trust Your Excellency would be good enough to

regard this matter as one deserving of your early consideration.

[3] With kindest regards and best wishes.


1 The diplomatic community had been evacuated from Moscow to

Kuybyshev on the Volga River.

2 Soviet Foreign Minister. Evatt also sent a message in similar

terms to I. M. Maisky, Soviet Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

See cablegram 225 of 2 July on file AA: A981, Soviet Russia 44.

3 Molotov replied on 19 July that the Soviet Govt agreed in

principle to an exchange of diplomatic representatives but did not

want a public announcement until the names of the ministers had

been decided on. Evatt pressed for an immediate announcement, but

Molotov refused to agree. See cablegrams S66 of 23 July, SL44 of

24 July and S87 of 22 August on the file cited in note 2.


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