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95 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr Winston Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister

Cablegram [Johcu 2] [1] CANBERRA, 31 October 1941


In continuation of my telegram No. 1 last paragraph. [2] Reference
Winch 1 [3] we are very gratified with advice of proposed
disposition of capital ships and particularly your reference to

2. This action, together with proposed diplomatic steps you have
in hand, and on which I am cabling our views separately through
Dominions Office [4], should force Japan into the position of
again weighing most seriously the consequences of further
aggression either northwards or southwards. If forced into a
conflict we will have certainly done all we can to deter her and
our defensive position in the Eastern Hemisphere will be all the
stronger for the measures that have been taken. [5]


1 The cablegram number has been inserted from the copy on file AA
: MP1217, Box 559, Far Eastern Defence. Transfer of capital ships
to Indian Ocean.

2 Dispatched 26 October. On file AA : A1608, E45/2/1, v. The last
paragraph read: 'The Admiralty dispositions in regard to Singapore
are of very much interest'.

3 Document 91.

4 See Document 97.

5 Churchill replied on 2 November (cablegram Winch 5 on the file
cited in note 1): 'I am very glad that you are pleased about the
big ship. There is nothing like having something that can catch
and kill anything.'

[AA : A3196, 1941, 0.17711]
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