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Historical documents

9 Lord Cranborne, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Circular cablegram M161 (extract) LONDON, 17 July 1941, 10.50 p.m.


Following for the Prime Minister: My Cite. M. 151. [1]

All of His Majesty's Governments in the Dominions have now

concurred in our proposal to proceed at the appropriate moment

with denunciation of the Commercial Treaty. [2]We are accordingly

informing the United States Government that we propose to take

this step immediately there is any overt act on the part of Japan.

2. The Commonwealth Government have stressed to us the importance

of following up the above action with intensified economic

restrictions. We fully agree with this view and hope to telegraph

detailed proposals as soon as we have received further indications

of the United States Government's intentions; see my Circ. M.158.


3. In the meantime certain further possible measures have also

occurred to us. They are:

1. closing of the Japanese Consulate General at Singapore;

2. placing of Ishihara and Okura on the statutory list. [4]

[matter omitted]

1 Document 7.

2 The 1911 Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation. The

Commonwealth Govt in fact regarded this as a misinterpretation of

its views. See the cablegram of 19 July dispatched to Sir John

Latham, Minister to Japan, as no. 204 and to R. G. Casey, Minister

to the United States, as no. 631, on file AA : A981, Far East 20B,


3 Dispatched 16 July. On file AA : A1608, A41/1/1, xxiii.

4 The Commonwealth Govt concurred in both these proposals. See

cablegram 451 of 19 July on the file cited in note 3.

[AA : A981, FAR EAST 20B, i]

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