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519 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, to Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister

Cablegram S35 LONDON, 5 June 1942


From the concrete results achieved and the reports in the Press
you will have appreciated Evatt's [1] success here.

There is little that I could add to his very comprehensive report
to you on the results of his mission. Bearing these results in
mind, I think that he has been wise in making his visit brief and
concentrated, though it must have taken a heavy toll of his
energy. He worked unceasingly both night and day.

Since his departure I have heard many comments on his visit. On
every hand I have found them favourable. To my mind the most
satisfactory feature is the attitude in Governmental and Press
circles. Both were inclined to regard him before his arrival with
a certain measure of suspicion. This has disappeared and has been
replaced by a feeling of friendly regard. This changed atmosphere
will undoubtedly be helpful not only to the Government but to
Australia as a whole. It was remarkable how quickly Evatt sensed
the atmosphere here.

His broadcast given within a few days of his arrival was
admirable. While presenting Australia's case with force and
directness he had regard to the susceptibilities of these somewhat
difficult and certainly harrassed and war-worn people and so won
their sympathy and understanding for Australia. The note he struck
in that first broadcast he maintained throughout his visit.

I realise it is not for me to comment on the performance of
Ministers but I felt you would like me to send you personally my


1 Minister for External Affairs.

[AA:M100, JUNE 1942]
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