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Historical documents

515 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in the

Cablegram 4867 [1] CANBERRA, 3 June 1942

United Kingdom


Reference your. S. 28. [2]

I have agreed, in accordance with Dominions Office cable No. 442
[3], to relieve you of your routine functions as High Commissioner
while you are Accredited Representative of the Commonwealth
Government on the War Cabinet and Pacific War Council.

2. I shall make a statement to Parliament to this effect during
the week [4] and emphasise as requested by the Prime Minister your
special position as a former Australian Prime Minister and add
that you are a Member of His Majesty's Privy Council.

3. Approval is given for the appointment of Duncan [5] as Deputy
High Commissioner.


1 Repeated to the Minister for External Affairs (then in
Washington) as no. PM 79. Curtin also dispatched a cablegram in
similar terms to the U.K. Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as
no. 320 On the same day (on file AA: MP1217, Box 461, Australian
representation in the United Kingdom).

2 Document 514.

3 See Document 514, note 1.

4 Parliament in fact adjourned for the winter recess on 4 June and
Curtin did not make a statement.

5 Official Secretary of the High Commission in London.

[AA:M100, JUNE 1942]
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