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Historical documents

375 Dr H. V. Evatt, Minister for External Affairs, to Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in the United Kingdom

Cablegram S[L] [1] 1 (extract) CANBERRA, n.d.


[matter omitted]

2. May I point out confidentially how embarrassing it is for the
Government to have our decisions over A.I.F. ignored and to send
[3] further request upon the same topic. You are (however) out of
touch with home defence position here and that is necessarily a
controlling factor. I have already wired to Cripps [4] as to the
matter and greatly fear that if matter goes further damage may be
done to the best interests of the Empire.

If I may say so Page [5] seems to have acted in (direct)
opposition to his instructions and matters can hardly continue in
this way.

3. I am obliged to you for your assistance over the Lend-Lease
Agreement where intervention seems to have had some effect. [6]


1 All subsequent cablegrams in this series were prefixed SL(i.e.

special cablegram to London)and it seems probable that this one
should also have been prefixed SL and not S, which was the prefix
for special cablegrams from London to Canberra.

2 External Affairs Officer in London.

3 The original was here annotated 'group undeciphcred'.

4 U.K. Lord Privy Seal. See Document 360.

5 Special Representative in the United Kingdom.

6 See file AA:M100, February 1942.

[AA:M100, FEBRUARY 1942]
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