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Historical documents

321 U.K. Dominions Office to Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister

Cablegram 168 LONDON, 7 February 1942, 9.30 p.m.


Following for Prime Minister from Prime Minister [1] begins.

1. I am very glad to get your No. 102. [2] I am sure we can give
you better service in London than could be at present arranged in
Washington. The fact that we cannot all be in one place is the
fault of the various oceans. I read this morning that the
President [3] has said that the Pacific Councils on both sides of
the Atlantic have been functioning for a month. We must not let
him down by saying anything inconsistent with this.

2. I shall now call the first meeting of the Pacific Council in
London on Tuesday. It does not deal only with the A.B.D.A. area
but with the whole problems of the war against Japan, and the
sooner we get functioning the better.

3. We are also asking the Americans to arrange for the
organisation for the Anzac Area, not so large but on the same
lines as Wavell's [4] A.B.D.A. machine, on which we are informing
you. This will be set up in Australia under and around the
American Naval Commander-in-Chief [5], and I hope soon to reach a
settlement which will be satisfactory to you. One cannot make the
whole new structure at once, and I think we have made immense
progress considering the difficulties of time and communication.

4. The general layout is as follows:-

1. The A.B.D.A. fighting area.

2. The Anzac approach area.

3. The Indian Ocean approach area.

4. The Australian home defence and war base area.

5. The Indian home defence and war base area.

6. The United States main Fleet area radiating from Hawaii.

It is the relation of all these that we have to concert.

5. I have remitted your paragraph 4 and its many sub-heads to the
Chiefs of Staff Committee as it is largely technical. They will
supply a memorandum which I will send you. Ends.

1 Winston Churchill.

2 Document 319.

3 Franklin D. Roosevelt.

4 Allied Supreme Commander of the A.B.D.A. Area.

5 Admiral Ernest J. King.

[AA:A2937, A.B.D.A. STRATEGIC AREA, 1941-1942]
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