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Historical documents

288 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr Winston Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister

Cablegram Johcu 20 CANBERRA, 21 January 1942


Reference Winch 10. [1] I appreciate your full reply and
reciprocate your sentiments on the unity of our efforts.

2. Just as you foresaw events in Europe so we feel that we saw the
trend of the Pacific situation more clearly than was realised in

3. Events have unfortunately justified our views regarding Malaya
and I am very disturbed by reports from Gordon Bennett [2] as to
the serious position.

4. The long-distance programme you outline is encouraging but the
great need is in the immediate future. The Japanese are going to
take a lot of repelling and in the meantime may do very vital
damage to our capacity to eject them from the areas they are


1 Document 281.

2 General Officer Commanding 8th Division, A.I.F.

[AA:A3196, 1942, 0.2040]
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