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Historical documents

267 Commonwealth Government to Lord Cranborne, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs

Cablegram 42 CANBERRA, 11 January 1942


My telegram No.37 [1] and your 34. [2] Portuguese Timor. We still
think it of the utmost importance that General Wavell's [3]
opinion should be sought, as he and not our Chiefs of Staff is
responsible for the area which includes Portuguese Timor. We would
urge that steps be taken at once to obtain his advice.

We would mention that General Wavell has sent an enquiry [4] to
our Chiefs of Staff on this subject and they have forwarded a
brief reply [5] indicating that it is proposed to withdraw Allied
forces from Portuguese Timor upon arrival of 700 Portuguese troops
and suggesting that full information be obtained by him from

1 Document 263.

2 Dispatched 10 January. On file AA:A981, Timor (Portuguese) 3, i.

3 See Document 252, note 4.

4 & 5 Not found.

Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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