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Historical documents

222 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 1210 WASHINGTON, 24 December 1941, 10.50 p.m.


I sought and obtained a discussion with Churchill at White House
today on the subject matter of your telegrams 1103 [1], 1106 [2],
and 1108. [3] I emphasised the facts and point of view expressed
in the above telegrams. British Chiefs of Staff Pound, Dill and
Portal were called in. The President [4] joined the discussion and
subsequently called in Colonel Knox (Secretary of Navy). I will
send you further telegram later as to possibilities that emerged
in the course of discussion. You may expect telegram from
Churchill within 24 hours which I hope will implement the above-
mentioned possibilities.

1 Document 214.

2 See Document 217, note 1.

3 Dispatched 24 December. On file AA:A3300, 101. It read: 'The
opinion set out in 1106 [i.e. V. G. Bowden's views on the
situation in Malaya printed in Document 217] is the Prime
Minister's [John Curtin] opinion which all of us share. Please
make this clear to the two persons concerned.'
4 Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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