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Historical documents

159 Mr F. K. Officer, Charge' d'Affaires in Japan, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 527 TOKYO, 4 December 1941, 6.16 p.m.


My telegram 525. [1]

Tone of press threatening. A.B.C.D. encirclement [2] is declared
to have developed into a 'positive offensive against Japan' in
spite of 'Japan's sincere efforts in the cause of peace'. Great
attention to the position of Siam which Australian troops are
described as prepared to invade. Considerable space given to the
news of Cabinet meetings in Australia etc. Reported that
Australian attitude has become extremely anti-Japanese and that
Australia is collaborating close[ly] in anti-Japanese movements.

It seems that the Japanese public are being prepared for action
either to defend Thailand against British aggression or to
anticipate further A.B.C.D. anti-Japanese actions. Understand navy
show considerable concern at arrival of British ships in
Singapore. This may necessitate .number of alterations of
dispositions. Although strong cruiser and destroyer force is
reported in Southern waters, fleet is believed to be still in
inland sea.


1 Dispatched 4 December. On file AA : A1608, A41/1/1, xxv.

2 See Document 44, note 9.

[AA : A981, JAPAN 185B, iii]
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