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Historical documents

149 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr Winston Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister

Cablegram Johcu 5 CANBERRA, [2 December 1941] [1]


I have your telegram WINCH No. 7 [2] and am grateful to you for
sending it for our guidance.

I most cordially concur in your action in addressing the President
[3] in the terms you have used. Your suggestion is in accord with
the views expressed at the War Cabinet yesterday. [4] However, I
make this further suggestion. In our view if we are to effectively
deter Japan from an aggressive move, a greater concentration of
naval strength (not necessarily all British) is desirable. I
believe that Japan's obstinacy is grounded in the belief that
America would, at the best, be slow to come in and that from many
(corrupt group ? causes) a time lag in American shooting would be

If in addition the President could be got to the point of giving
effect to your strong personal appeal this would be a complete
deterrent to Japan's entry into the war.


1 Inserted from the Prime Minister's Dept outward cablegram
register (AA : A3643, 3).

2 See Document 147, note 5.

3 Franklin D. Roosevelt.

4 See War Cabinet minute 1524 of 1 December in AA : A2673, vol. 9.

[PRO : DO 35/1010, iii]
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