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Historical documents

145 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, and to Dr H. V. Evatt, Minister for External Affairs

Cablegram 1056 WASHINGTON, 30 November 1941, 6.39 p.m.


After telephoning to the President [2] the Chief of the United
States Naval Staff [3] has told the Commander-in-Chief of the
United States Asiatic Fleet [4] to make reconnaissance flights
between Manila and Kamranh Bay as requested by Britain. Aircraft
have been instructed not to approach Japanese ships in a manner to
indicate offensive intention but are authorised to defend
themselves if attacked.

Other than the above the President will not make any major
decision involving the United States policy until he has had
Cabinet discussions in Washington immediately on his return here
tomorrow, Monday December 1st probably at 12 noon.

Secretary of State [5] said to the British Ambassador [6] this
morning that it would be helpful if Thailand were to invite the
British to take up line in Kra Isthmus but he scarcely supposed
that they would do this until it was too late.


1 Inserted from the Washington copy on file AA : A3300, 99.

2 Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3 Admiral H. R. Stark.

4 Admiral Thomas C. Hart.

5 Cordell Hull.

6 Lord Halifax.

[AA : A981, JAPAN 178]
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