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Historical documents

85 Mr A. T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 127 LONDON, 22 October 1937

H.B.M's Ambassador in Tokyo [1] is of the opinion that the
Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs [2] put up a struggle for
representation at the Nine Power Conference at Brussels. The
latest information from Japan indicates however that the War
Ministry and the General Staff are unanimously opposed to taking
part in the Conference. There is still a possibility that
mediation at some future date by a third power, preferably Great
Britain, may be arranged. It is felt here that the time during
which the Brussels Conference will sit, depends on whether or not
Japan is represented. It is thought that the Conference may last
for some time, or alternatively for only a brief period. Again, it
may go on for some time, with intervals either while replies to
communications to Tokyo were being awaited or while negotiations
were pending. These negotiations, it is thought, may be entrusted
to one or more of the Governments represented at the Nine Power


1 Sir Robert Craigie.

2 Koki Hirota.

[AA : A981, CHINA 116]
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