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Historical documents

79 Sir Robert Clive, U.K. Ambassador to Belgium, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered BRUSSELS, 16 October 1937

I have received from Belgian Government note verbale dated October
16th addressed to His Majesty's Government in Commonwealth of
Australia regarding forthcoming Nine-Power Conference. Following
is text. 'The Belgian Government has the honour to make the
following communication to the Government of the Commonwealth of
Australia, giving effect to a request of the British Government
made with the consent of the Government of the United States of
America. The Royal Government proposes that the signatory States
of the Treaty of the 6th February 1922 relative to China (the so-
called Nine Power Treaty) should meet at Brussels on 30th October
with a view to examining the situation in the Far East in
conformity with Article 7 of the said Treaty and to
U.K. Ambassador to Belgium considering the means of bringing to a
speedy end by agreement the regrettable conflict which is raging.

The Royal Government would be obliged if the Commonwealth
Government would be good enough to inform it whether the
Commonwealth Government is prepared to take part in this meeting.'
I am forwarding the original document by air mail. Other Dominions
are being similarly invited.

[AA : A981, CHINA 114, X]
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