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Historical documents

53 Cabinet Minute

Minute 1368 SYDNEY, 28 July 1937


It was decided to get full particulars in connection with the
leasing of the iron deposits by the W.A. Government to Brasserts,
and, if possible, obtain the terms of any agreement that may exist
between Brasserts and the Japanese, together with any other
information bearing on the subject and submit later to Cabinet.


1 This minute followed the presentation to the same Cabinet
meeting of a submission by Senator A. J. McLachlan, Minister in
charge of Development and Scientific and Industrial Research,
recommending that the export of iron ore from Yampi Sound be
limited to 20 million tons and that the export of all other iron
and iron ore be totally prohibited (Cabinet Agendum 2169; file AA
: A461, E373/1/3). The submission also summarised a report by P.

B. Nye, Executive Officer of the Aerial Geological and Geophysical
Survey of Northern Australia, which suggested that, while further
investigation was necessary, there was reason to doubt the long-
term adequacy of Australian iron ore resources.

[AA : A461, B373/1/3, ii]
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