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Historical documents

287 Mr F. K. Officer, Australian Counsellor at British Embassy in Washington, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 59 WASHINGTON, 28 September 1938

Press have doubtless reported fully that President Roosevelt last
night followed up his general appeal of last week by a message to
Hitler alone urging continuance of negotiations to end crisis and
that use of force would be unjustified and unnecessary.

Position here is that whilst ten days ago there was at least as
much criticism of the United Kingdom Government's action as
support for it there is now a very general attitude of praise for
Mr Chamberlain's efforts and an increasing criticism of what is
generally described as the reckless attitude of Germany.

But although we now have public opinion and sympathy there is
every sign that this country is determined not to become

[AA : A981, CZECHOSLOVAKIA 18, iii]
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