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Historical documents

275 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London, to Mr J. A. Lyons, Prime Minister

Cablegram 167 LONDON, 24 September 1938

German memorandum of Dominions Office telegram Number 265 [2]
great advance on Hider's letter, Dominions Office telegram Number
259 [3], in tone and substance particularly by inclusion of date
1st. October. Pending information from Prime Minister [4] and
examination no conclusion can be formed but atmosphere for the
moment distinctly more hopeful.


1 According to the Department of External Affairs inward cablegram
register this cablegram was not received until 26 September 1938
but it seems more likely that it arrived on 25 September.

2 Not printed; see Document 274, note 2.

3 The text of Hitler's letter was in fact given in circular
cablegram B263 of 24 September 1938, not printed (See AA : A981,
Czechoslovakia 18, ii). The letter stated that it was impossible
for Germany to refrain from giving 'immediate protection' to the
Sudetenland, although she would allow a plebiscite to be held
under international control.

4 Neville Chamberlain.

[AA : A981, CZECHOSLOVAKIA 18, ii]
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