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Historical documents

254 Lord Stanley, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to Mr P. Liesching, U.K. Acting High Commissioner to Australia

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 14 September 1938, 12.10 p.m.


In view of ominous reports from various sources on Czechoslovak
Situation which reached London in the course of yesterday evening,
Mr Chamberlain [1] felt it essential to take some immediate action
in the interests of peaceful solution.

His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin [2] was instructed last night
to arrange through Herr Ribbentrop [3] for immediate delivery of
following personal message from Mr Chamberlain to Herr Hitler.

Message begins 'In view of increasingly critical situation I
propose to come over at once to see you with a view to trying to
find peaceful solution. I propose to come across by air and am
ready to start tomorrow.

Please indicate earliest time at which you can see me and suggest
place of meeting. Should be grateful for very early reply. NEVILLE
CHAMBERLAIN.' Message ends. Please inform Prime Minister [4] as
soon as possible for his personal information, emphasizing need
for extreme secrecy since premature disclosure of above action
might, as he will realize, be disastrous to chances of successful
outcome of plan. Intention here is to make no public reference to
Mr Chamberlain's proposal until Herr Hitler has had opportunity of
sending reply which we hope we may receive at earliest possible

1 U.K. Prime Minister.

2 Sir Nevile Henderson.

3 Joachim von Ribbentrop, German Minister for Foreign Affairs.

4 J. A. Lyons.

[PRO : FO 371/21771]
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