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Historical documents

252 Lt Col W. R. Hodgson, Secretary of Department of External Affairs, to Mr A. T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London

Cablegram 51 14 September 1938,

Cabinet are sitting almost continuously next three days. [1]
Appreciate your 147 [2] and desire you keep us informed every
development including events in Czechoslovakia. Press are already
reporting grave happenings such as Sudeten ultimatum and
proclamation martial law of which we have no knowledge and cannot


1 Cabinet Minutes (PM&C : A2694) indicate that Cabinet met on 12,
13, 14 and 15 September 1938 but not on 16 September.

2 Not printed (See AA : A981, Czechoslovakia 18, i).

Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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