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Historical documents

21 Major B. Combes, General Staff, Army Headquarters, to Mr H. A. Peterson, Department of External Affairs

Letter MELBOURNE, 29 April 1937


A few weeks ago, I received through the Department of Commerce a
communication from Colonel Longfield Lloyd, Tokyo. [1] Lloyd, as
you are probably aware, was a Military Intelligence officer before
going to his post in Tokyo.

The communication has the following preface-

'It is particularly asked that the attachments hereto be brought
to the notice of Major B. Combes, General Staff, Army
Headquarters, Melbourne.

It is expressly asked also that it be urged in the same quarter
that there is increasing necessity for the most positive
supervision over Northern and North-Western Australian waters,
with emphasis on Darwin, regarding which area there are signs of
much increased interest in Japanese official circles. A similar
precaution is indicated in respect of New Guinea waters.

This is strongly emphasized; and there are potentialities relating
to Yampi and surrounding area to which unremitting examination
would be advisably directed.'

The attachments deal with various matters concerning the economic
position in Japan and are, in fact, duplicates of reports to the
Secretary, Department of Commerce.

I do not know whether you have heard anything of this 'warning'. I
think you should know about it. Hence this personal note. Should
you so desire, I could get it sent to you officially through the
usual channels.


1 Lt Col E. E. Longfield Lloyd, Trade Commissioner in Tokyo.

[AA : A981, AUSTRALIA 90B, i]
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