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Historical documents

201 Mr J. A. Lyons, Prime Minister, to Sir Earle Page, Minister for Commerce

Cablegram unnumbered (extract) 18 May 1938,

Your two telegrams of 17th May re Yampi Sound [1] received. Your
suggestions have been considered in the light of representations
made here by interests concerned and letters addressed to
Government by Consul-General for Japan. As result statement to
House [2] and letter to Consul-General [3] have been amended.

Statement will be made in House of Representatives Thursday 19th
and letter will reach Consul-General for Japan morning of that

Statement to House [4] and letter to Consul-General [5] in my
immediately following telegram.

[The rest of this cablegram listed minor textual alterations made
by Woolnough to his report. For the final version of the report
see enclosure to Document 203.]

1 Documents 199, 200.

2 Document 198.

3 Document 197.

4 Document 202.

5 Document 203.

[AA : A1608, C47/1/4, iii]
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