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Historical documents

19 Mr H. A. Peterson, Department of External Affairs, to Lt Col W. R. Hodgson, Secretary of Department of External Affairs (in London)

Cablegram 47 24 April 1937,

Your telegram No. 60 Timor [1] Minister [2] authorises you to
inform British Authorities that Commonwealth Government desires to
associate itself with proposed representations to Portuguese
Government. [3]


1 Document 18.* *2 Sir George Pearce.

3 On 24 JulY 1937 A. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London,
confirmed that representations were made. He also reported at that
date that the Portuguese Government 'are "or were" willing to
reverse the decision to revoke Staughton's concession', according
to Sir Charles Wingfield, U.K. Ambassador to Lisbon. See
memorandum from Stirling to Hodgson. 24 July 1937 (not printed) in
AA : A981, Timor (Portuguese) 22, ii.

[AA : A981, TIMOR (PORTUGUESE) 22, ii]
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